How to reduce your shipping costs

Posted by Ofer Polivoda - CEO & Founder

Just over a decade ago it was commonplace to speak to a travel agent if you wanted to fly to a location overseas. The process would involve getting the agent to look for a few tickets that would suit you and then pick from those selections without giving it a second thought. Shipping goods around the world was a similar process whereby you would get an agent to get freight quote comparison and from them select the lowest quote that meets your needs. What most people didn’t consider is the fact that not only would they be paying for the shipping of goods but also paying an agent fee. This of course opened the door to getting a lower quote by cutting out the middle man. This is something that port 2 port the world’s first shipping comparison platform have changed allowing you to seek your own quotations online thus cutting out the middle man and associated costs.
How does it work?
The port to port service works by helping you to get quotes direct from the shipping companies in a bidding type process. This will allow you to put forward the service you need and let the companies bid to provide the service to you. Of course the lowest bid wins so you pay less than you would have done by going through a service provider to provide the quote for you at a fee. This shipping comparison platform makes for a more convenient and of course affordable to even the smaller companies.
By using PorToPort you can bypass the expensive middle man as well as cause the bigger shipping companies to lower their prices which makes it even more affordable. The shipping compare platform goes beyond the regular prices stated on the companies price lists so that you are able to get a better shipping quote than even those that go directly to the companies.
As well as saving you money using he shipping comparison platform will also save you the time of ringing around or emailing to negotiate with different companies. All you have to do is put down the port to port service you require and within seconds shipping companies will fight for your business by undercutting one another. Never has it been easier or cheaper to get a freight quote that is affordable. This convenient service is available for not only smaller businesses and individuals; it can also be used by bigger corporations.
There’s no longer a need to use an out-dated method. Now more than ever and thanks to the internet the process has been made a lot more convenient and customers are getting what they have wanted for a long time, value for money and efficiency. The shipping comparison platform can be used to ship items as a one off or you can use it over and over again to ship your goods to another country.
Next time you want to ship goods but don’t want to pay over the odds are just a click away with shipping companies ready to fight for your custom. What are you waiting for?


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